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American Bulldogs

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Cotton's White Hunter




UKC and NKC Registered

Birthdate: 08/31/2007

Color: White/Fawn markings

Measurements at 1.5 years:

  • Head 25"
  • Height 25"
  • Weight 105 lbs.




Bred with:

Elegant's I'm a Bala




NKC Registered

Birthdate: 02/10/2004

Color: White/ Fawn Markings

Measurements at 4 years:

  • Head 18"
  • Height 22"
  • Weight 62 lbs.




9 Pups in this litter, 2 still born

Born July 22nd & 23rd, 2009


If you have a dog from this litter please send us an update and pics, we love updates!


CirocPup 1 at 5.5 weeks

Puppy 1 - Male

4 weeks and 8.5 months

Elegant's I'm a Hustla "Ciroc"

*Click here to go to Ciroc's page*


Diesel @ 5.5 weeksPup 2 at 5.5 weeks

Puppy 2 - Male

4 weeks and 11 months

Mayson - neutered


Pup 3 at 5.5 weeksSampson @ 1 year

Puppy 3 - Male

4 weeks and 10 months



Pup 4 at 5.5 weeksHoney and Gator

Puppy 4 - Female

4 weeks and 6.5 months (with Gator)

Honey Noi - spayed


Puppy 5 - Male

Still Born


Pup 6 at 5.5 weeks

Puppy 6 - Male

4 weeks and 6.5 months (with Honey)

Gator - neutered


Puppy 7 - Male

Still Born


ButtersPup 8 at 5.5 weeks

Puppy 8 - Female

4 weeks and 9 months

Elegant's Got Ya Lookin "Phoenix"

*Click here to go to Phoenix's page*

Pup 9 at 7 months

Puppy 9 - Female

4 weeks and 1 year

Darley - spayed




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Pedigree of Hunter X Bala Litter








Hunter - side

Cotton's White Hunter





Saylor's Doc Holliday



Batman Capdevila's Nightmare


Leatherneck's Sir Lancelot


Ch. Leatherneck's Tyson

Big Bull's Thor

Power Performance/Spagnolo's Essence





Vicker's Cleopatra

Stonehedge Sledge Hammer Sam

GWK's Landshark Duncan

Sam's Duchess of Snow White

Angel's Angie

White Cloud

Rangel's Moonbeam

JC's Brandy Addiction


Vernon's American Dream Chance






Testa's Pinky

CH LeClerc's Bama Boy

LeClerc's Moxie

Momma's Big Mimi

Show Time Sky Walker






Show Time White Ladie





Saylor's Goldilocks



M's Casp Cleo Pete

M's Ghost Casper

Hines' Bossman

Loki Von Sanctuary of Hines'
Stover's Beauty

Hines' Kombat of Aspenrare

Country Boy of Hines'
Dorsey's Ladybird 2 of Hines'

M's Snow Bird Cleo

Doc's Pete

Barriet's Man of War
Barriet's Jessie

Larry's Thunder Willow

Barriet's Man of War
Barriet's Princess

M's Lady Vader Red


Triple M's Vader Red

Triple M Gorilla Man

Doc's Pete
Black Buster's Abby Gail
Doc's Landshark
Barriet's Big Boy
Barriet's Belle
M's Casp-Cleo Snowbird

M's Ghost Casper

Hines' Bossman
Hines' Kombat of Aspenrare

M's Snowbird Cleo

Doc's Pete
Larry's Thunder Willow

Bala front

Nala side

Elegant's I'm a Bala