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Hey guys! This is a really great website with a lot of info on dry dog food and how to find the best food. It's www.dogfoodproject.com Check it out!
Let me know if any of you find this site helpful...


Here is another site I recently came across it is information directly from the FDA reguarding pet food labels - http://www.fda.gov/cvm/petlabel.htm


Raw diet Info


rawdogranch.com/rawdietbasics.htm - This site helps with showing what to feed





More Info


Raw Feeding is very controversial in the Pit Bull community, however it is excellent for the dogs and is very good at eliminating many of the skin issues that we see, since these issues are generally caused by kibble. Please feel free to ask questions!!



We love to answer questions, if you have any questions please feel free to contact us anytime.

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Flea Treatment, Dewormer, etc.


**** ONLY USE FOOD GRADE!! ********


You can learn about it at both places and you can buy it from both.

Diatomaceous Earth can be used for fleas, mites/lice, intestinal parasites (safe for all ages/stages of life in dogs), and MANY others... these are the most common that pertain to animals. Food Grade is not a chemical and won't hurt your dog, you can even eat it and/or put it on yourself if you want to.


Flea Treatment

The recipe

10 drops of Cedarwood oil
6 drops of Lavender oil
1/2 tablesppon of Neem oil (pure Neem oil)
1 tablespoon of Olive oil

Add it all to 1 pint of water and put it in a spray bottle.

You can also add 1 tablespoon of Neem oil to your dogs shampoo to make a flea shampoo.

Just don't use it on cats, they can't handle the oils (or something like that)!


Another one

Clove oil - can be placed on your dog's collar and it should keep the fleas off.

Eucalyptus oil - smells better but doesn't work as well, you can place a drop ot this on the collar with the clove to

make it smell better to you.

Lemongrass oil - same as the Eucalyptus.

If you would rather use the above as a "one spot" type of thing, mix a few drops with a normal kitchen oil like olive oil

or what ever you have, maybe some vegetable oil... it doesn't matter.
You can also mix the essential oils in Witch Hazel and put it in a spray bottle, it can also be used on humans this way.


One More

Apple Cider Vinegar is supposedly a very good flea and tick repellant. I have also heard that it will moisturize the dogs

skin and make the coat very nice.. so you can kill a couple birds with one stone!

Mix Apple Cider Vinegar 50/50 with water and then just spray it on your dog. For a Dam with young puppies, I personally would just treat the Dam and leave the pups alone until they are about 4 weeks, but if the puppies are bad enough PLEASE check it out on google or something first just to make sure it is safe. I haven't heard about any problems with it on puppies but better to be safe than sorry, the same goes for everything on this site... Check it out first!

If the infestation is bad you can use it 2x's a day for a few days and all the pests should be gone. Then you could go to every other day, and eventually most people can get it to were once a week is all that is needed.