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We are a small kennel based out of Tallahassee, Florida. We show and breed American Pit Bull Terriers and Standard American Bulldogs (also known as Scott's or Athletic type). We are very committed to responsible ownership and breeding. Because of our high standards we do not have many dogs, all dogs live inside and are part of our family.


We have very few litters, only doing very selective breedings. We have also decided to only do a breeding after we have a minimum number of people interested, the amount of names that we require for each breeding depends on the litter, so if you would like a pup from us please let us know and be patient, we want to be very careful not to breed to soon leaving some pups without good homes.

American Bulldog American Pit Bull Terrier

  Standard Type American Bulldog         American Pit Bull Terrier


Our goal is to produce dogs with great temperaments, excellent conformation with nice size... we are not producing super low, super wide, out of conformation dogs, if that is what you want you will not be happy with a dog from us. All of our dogs have excellent temperaments and get along with people of all ages and other dogs. We believe that correct APBTs and Standard ABs are ELEGANT, they have beautiful movement, structure, and temperament which makes them truly elegant breeds. The line produced by an APBT is matched only by that of a Standard AB.


We love both breeds but we strive to show people that Pit Bulls aren't as bad as the media wants everyone to think. We do this by not only breeding dogs with excellent temperaments, but also by aiding owners in training their dogs (a must for socializing), doing meet and greets with the public using our dogs, offering information to the public when they have questions, and we are attempting to maximize public exposure by modeling our dogs in both print and film.


We love to answer questions about our breeds, if you have any questions please feel free to contact us anytime.

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