updated 01/02/2011

American Bulldog


Elegant's Ares Steele




NKC Registered

Birthdate: 08/26/2007

Color: White/ Brindle Markings

Measurements at 2 years:

  • Head 22"
  • Height 22"
  • Weight 85 lbs.





Ares is a male the we Co-own off of Bala's first litter (Bala X Tank). He is an exceptional dog and has lots of potential, he has done well the few times we have taken him to shows and we hope to continue his show career. He will deffinitely be an important part of our breeding program.


*Email us if you would like to be added to the list for a puppy off of Ares

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Ares 2.5 years

2.5 years



1.5 years


Ares at 9.5 monthsAres at 9.5 months

9.5 months


Ares at 3 months

3 months


Ares at 6 weeksAres at 6 weeks

6 weeks


Ares at 3 weeksAres at 3 weeks

3 weeks


Ares at 1 weekAres at 1 week

1 week









Birthdate: 10/15/2003

Color: White/Brindle markings

Measurements at 3.5 years:

  • Head 23"
  • Height 23"
  • Weight 95 lbs.




Elegant's I'm a Bala



NKC Registered

Birthdate: 02/10/2004

Color: White/ Fawn Markings

Measurements at 4 years:

  • Head 18"
  • Height 22"
  • Weight 62 lbs.